Timm JansenI'm a computer scientist, creative coder, web developer, open source contributor, community manager, trainer, consultant... and I work as a freelancer in and around Cologne, Germany. I would consider myself as a developer by nature, meaning that I love to solve challenges by combining different approaches to create something new, while moving things rapidly forward and getting stuff done at the same time. I'm just a fan of scientific research as I am of hands on work. Combining theory and practice is what gets me excited. The more practical oriented web on one hand and the endless theoretical depth of search & data analysis on the other cover that pretty much. To sum it up, web & data, that's what I do.


Word Cloud "www"The web related technology stack grew quiet a bit over the last couple of years, enabling web developers to push into areas that were formerly ruled by technologies very domain specific. As a result the web is starting to be everywhere: common websites & portals, games, mobile & desktop apps, home automation, kiosk systems...

My focus has been on Drupal driven systems and relational databases, which is shifting a bit right now because of the Javascript everywhere and NoSQL movements.


Word Cloud "Data Mining"Data is everywhere, and lots of it. Too make use of the often enormous amounts of collected data it needs to be analysed in terms of structure and key values, so the user is able to understand his data. It's like digging for information, therefore the process is called data mining. Who doesn't love to dig?

Besides data analysis in terms of clustering & classification I have a major focus on search, data management and data visualization. Yes, I love data and everything related to it.


Drupal Dev Days

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SiteEffect is an attempt to build a full blown regression testing framework. It enables you to easily detect and understand layout, style and content changes caused by your latest implemented features or any code/contrib/config updates. All that without any project specific effort or costs, it will just work out of the box.